Cannabis companies understand the importance of delivering a product that is free of major contaminants and prepared in a way that passes rigorous lab testing for potency and safety. Lab testing is a standard practice that is required to ensure cannabis companies deliver a quality product and protect public safety. But many cannabis companies don’t hold their cannabis packaging suppliers to similarly rigorous standards for quality, safety and compliance. We think they should.  

Budpack’s mission is to provide packaging that will protect the things people care about. That’s why Budpack is designed and tested to: 

Our goal at Budpack is to create packaging that protects all of these things while elevating the customer experience. How do we know we’ve achieved our goals? The same way you know if your cannabis is potent and safe, with third-party testing and certification.  

To ensure we are testing our cannabis packaging products to the highest standards, Budpack chose to be certified by a US-based company with experience testing similar types of containers to US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards (CPSC). It was also important that the testing lab be ISO 17025 certified, which means a legitimate third-party audited and certified the lab to perform the testing and validate the results. It proved beneficial that the lab also possessed insights into our packages’ practical performance in the market because they had previously collaborated with standardizing and governing bodies such as the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and the CPSC. 

Being certified in this way gives us peace of mind, and it should for you too. The child-resistant testing standards that Budpack is certified for (Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Prevention Packaging) require testing by large groups of real people and must be run by testing companies who understand practical use in the market. When a package goes through this process, it is either deemed compliant or noncompliant. There is no gray area. Without this certification, cannabis companies risk finding out their packaging is not compliant through an audit, or worse, through a packaging failure that leads to a brand-crushing accident. It is not worth the risk. 

Budpack conforms to the cannabis packaging standards required by law in the strictest states and meets federal standards for poison prevention with certifications to guarantee safety. Quality, safe, and proven compliant, Budpack is worth the investment for your peace of mind, brand protection and for the protection of the cannabis industry as whole.