There have been widespread reports of shortages and price increases on cardboardplasticstape, and packaging materials. Stalled manufacturing in Asia, the blockage of the Suez Canal, and increased freight rates have all created difficult conditions for overseas packaging manufacturers selling to the American market. However, cannabis sales remain strong in the U.S. with an expected rise of 30% above record-breaking 2020 sales numbers. This leaves many cannabis companies in a difficult situation as they try to quickly source cannabis packaging to take advantage of the exploding American market. 

Thankfully, Budpack has a strong in-stock inventory of cannabis packaging that is ready to ship, right now. Budpack is a unique, high-quality, American-made product that is designed specifically for a multitude of cannabis uses. Our in-stock inventory includes: 

Certified Child-Resistant Resealable Pouches: Certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these pouches meet standards for Poison Prevention Packaging and feature tamper-evident closures and an opaque design. These in-stock pouches feature better security and are less costly than bottles and jars.  
100% Compostable Pouches: Keep the planet green in more ways than one. These pouches send a message to your customers that you care about the environment. Made of bio-based resins, they are child-resistant and labeled as compostable to help educate your customers.  
Scentlock Cushioned Mailers: These pouch mailers offer extra protection for products in shipment. Ideal for hemp, edibles, CBD, oils, or perfumes, they block odors and moisture while keeping products fresh over time. The child deterrent zipper is also resealable and tamper-evident.  

When it comes to cannabis packaging, Budpack goes above and beyond to ensure our customers have exactly the right products and features to succeed. Our products are made in the USA with high standards of quality to satisfy cannabis companies and their customers. We can solve your cannabis packaging inventory problems right now. Order at