As we head into 2022, some cannabis markets are still in the fledgling stages of legalization, while others are heading into their second decade of life with legalized recreational cannabis sales. In states with well-established cannabis markets, things are well past the startup stage when consumers would take whatever cannabis products and packages they could get. These markets present new challenges for cannabis companies, the most important of which is finding ways to differentiate and innovate to stay competitive. Custom cannabis packaging plays an important role in achieving growth in saturated cannabis markets. Custom cannabis packaging can help: 

  1. Target a niche cannabis customer

Rather than trying to take on the industry as a whole, cannabis companies are focusing on niche markets and enjoying success in smaller market segments. Custom packaging is an integral part of appealing to a niche market, as it can be tailored to look and function in a way that appeals to a very specific type of buyer. Custom packaging can be designed to enhance a specific type of cannabis product or offer a key functionality that is commonly desired by a certain niche, such as sustainability, scent-proofing, or certified child-resistant closures 

  1. Enforce cannabis brand identity

Hand in hand with the idea of targeting a niche market is the importance of creating a strong brand identity. In a sea of competitors, brand is a key differentiator. A brand differs from a niche in that a brand can have multiple niches, but all niches should be tied together by a single overarching brand identity. A strong brand identity can promote cross-selling or upselling, and help secure repeat customers. Custom packaging is one of the best ways to promote a brand and make a lasting impression.  

  1. Provide practical and safe cannabis distribution

Cannabis consumers expect packaging to be practical as well as attractive. Lawmakers expect it to be compliant with labeling laws and provide safeguards. Many off-the-shelf cannabis packaging products make promises about child resistance and product protection that just don’t perform the way they should in the real world. Custom cannabis packaging is a great solution for companies looking to provide a smooth user experience tailored to their specific product with all the bells and whistles, plus certified closures that protect kids and pets.  

Custom cannabis packaging can be hard to obtain. Working with a trusted and experienced cannabis packaging supplier is the best way to get cannabis packaging that looks great and complies with regulations. Budpack manufactures all of its custom cannabis packaging in North America, which cuts down on lead times and complications faced by overseas manufacturers. Budpack can solve cannabis packaging problems with custom cannabis packaging solutions that stand out on the shelves—and outperform the competition. Learn more at