The cannabis market in 2021 is a story of smashing sales and suffering supply chains. Back in 2019, we wrote a blog post about the importance of choosing a cannabis packaging supplier that offers fast turnarounds, and custom printing. At that time, the cannabis industry was expected to grow by 21% per year through 2023. What no one knew then was that the world was about the be launched into a global pandemic with lockdowns that would catapult cannabis sales far ahead of projections. In 2020, marijuana sales in the United States increased 67% over 2019. In 2021, sales are on track to increase by another 41%. Even in mature markets such as California, Oregon, and Colorado, sales numbers have exceeded expectations.  

These sales numbers are amazing news for the cannabis industry. They are a testament to the importance of cannabis in America’s culture and economy. As the world navigates its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, shutdowns and shortages are catching up with cannabis. It has been particularly hard for cannabis companies to source quality, compliant cannabis packaging.  

For cannabis companies, sourcing the right packaging is a big deal. Regulations dictate specific standards for packaging in many states, and packaging can be a key differentiating factor in cannabis customer choices. Supply from overseas cannabis packaging suppliers, like China, is unlikely to rebound to normal supply levels soon, and the holiday shipping crunch is expected to further complicate cannabis packaging supply chain problems.  

For high-quality, compliant cannabis packaging, cannabis companies will need to turn to trusted suppliers with manufacturing plants in North America. It is not a good idea to try to source overseas packaging or try out new packaging suppliers who do not have experience in the cannabis packaging industry right now.  

Budpack has a strong supply of stock-on-hand cannabis packaging products that were designed to comply with packaging regulations while making cannabis brands stand out on the shelves. Our North American manufacturing plants offer faster custom order turnaround times than overseas suppliers, and we offer a dedicated support team that is ready to partner with you to deliver exactly the type of cannabis packaging need to continue thriving in the fast-paced cannabis market.  

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