Retailers across the US are bracing themselves for packaging shortages ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Cannabis companies should plan now to source enough packaging to run smoothly this holiday season and beyond.  

If your cannabis business hasn’t experienced a supply chain issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are in the vast minority.  Nearly 90% of Fortune 1000 companies suffered from supply chain complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic and access to packaging is a top concern. It’s more important than ever for your cannabis company to find a trusted packaging supplier and stock up regularly.  

To find a cannabis packaging supplier that can handle your packaging needs efficiently, ask the following questions before you order: 

  1. Do you have the capacity to fulfill my large cannabis packaging order right now?  If the answer is vague or non-committal, walk the other way. The supplier should have a strong stocking program.
  2. How much stock do you have on-hand for future orders? The supplier should be able to tell you how much stock they keep on hand to fill future orders. The more substantial the current stock, the better your chance of avoiding an order delay.  
  3. What is your lead time for shipping and delivery of cannabis packaging? Lead times are severely affected by delivery service slowdowns, but the supplier should be able to commit to a quick turnaround and ship-by-date. 
  4. How much variety do you offer in size, shape, color, and type of packaging? The more variety, the better. With a tight supply chain, it is ideal to work with a supplier that has multiple cannabis packaging solutions.
  5. Where are your products manufactured and shipped from? Products manufactured and shipped from within the US or North America will arrive faster. They are manufactured with better quality control and encounter fewer opportunities to be compromised during transit. 

There are many other factors that go into choosing the right cannabis packaging supplier including reputation, customization, price, and product features. Budpack checks all these boxes and more. We have a strong stock of innovative and attractive cannabis packaging products that are ready to ship today. If your cannabis company wants to stay ahead of packaging shortages and stock up before the holiday rush, contact Budpack today.