The cannabis packaging market is expected to reach $1842 million by 2026. Driven by legalization across the United States and Canada, the surge brings a swell of new packaging companies to the cannabis market. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right packaging partner for your cannabis product. Before committing to a packaging partner, see if the company offers these six key benefits:   

  1. Strong stocking program. Many cannabis packaging suppliers are suffering from supply shortages. Budpack has a strong stock program with plenty of sizes and solutions.  
  2. Experts to help you choose the right cannabis packaging product. Packaging professionals should have extensive experience and be able to advise you on the right type of packaging for your particular cannabis product
  3. Custom branding opportunities. Customization isn’t limited to graphics, there are plenty of other ways to make packaging stand out on the shelves
  4. Sustainable cannabis packaging options. Satisfy discerning customers and protect the environment by choosing the most sustainable cannabis packaging. It might not be what you think. 
  5. Deep knowledge of the industry. Cannabis legislation is changing fast. Work with a partner that understands the changing landscape of cannabis regulation, now and into the future.  
  6. High-quality, third-party tested, safe products. You reputation depends on the quality of your packaging. Understand what to look for in child resistant cannabis packaging and only purchase from a trusted supplier with poison prevention certification.  

A trusted cannabis packaging partner will be constantly innovating new products and solving problems for the industry. To be on the forefront of regulations and offer customers new features, it is wise to find someone you trust and can rely on for quality cannabis packaging. Budpack offers all the above benefits and more. Learn more at