As a business grows, its packaging needs become more complex. This is particularly true in the cannabis industry where the market is being bombarded by new products and packaging regulations at a fast pace. Luckily, cannabis packaging doesn’t have to be limited by off-the-shelf stock sizes and features. By partnering with a creative, capable, and experienced packaging manufacturer, cannabis businesses can solve problems for their customers and take advantage of packaging opportunities that aren’t available from stock programs.  

Learn about your customers’ desires and adapt accordingly. Pay attention to customer feedback on access, storage, and disposal of your package. Then, imagine a package that performs better, seals tighter, or dispenses more efficiently. By working with a knowledgeable packaging partner, you might be able to outpace your competition simply with a better package feature or function.  

Unique branding makes a big impact. Pouches are a cost-effective way to present product with vibrant colors, unique graphics with metallic effects or windows (where compliant), and help your product stand out and be memorable. When it comes to tricking out a pouch, the sky is the limit in terms of shapes, colors, sizes, and even specialty closures. Find your brand differentiator and use your package to convey it. 

New products need speed to market with packaging that works. This package needs to work by properly protecting the flower, edible, or pre-roll, provide an easy-to-fill experience, and a dispensing experience for consumers that brings them back to your brand over and over. Work with packaging experts who know how to keep your brand and product protected, keep you compliant, and get you to market ahead of the competition.  

Think outside of just another jar, or just another pouch. Can your package be less wasteful or be simpler to use? Is your package memorable? Businesses with complex packaging needs require a partner with the knowledge and skill to develop the right solutions. Budpack can work closely with you to create custom packaging solutions that make sense, attract attention, function better, and achieve your unique goals.