As the universe of cannabis products continues to expand, so has the selection of cannabis packaging solutions. With the multitude of packaging materials and types available today, cannabis companies may find it difficult to determine which type of packaging is best for each cannabis product in their lineup. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right packaging solution for each type of cannabis product: 

Solution: ScentLock Mailer
Details: A cushioned and scent-trapping mailer that blocks light, moisture, and features child-deterrent zipper with tamper evident closure for shipping
Application: Flower or edibles can mail safely in cushioned protectionand the convenience of a resealable package. Bonus: This solution won an award for Packaging Innovation. 

Solution: Child Resistant Pouches
Details: A CPSC-compliant, tamper evident pouch with an opaque design that is available with custom printed graphics.
Application: Flower, edibles, topical/liquids, and concentrates that benefit from child resistant closureBonus: It’s the perfect choice for a custom branded package.  

Solution: Custom Pouches
Details: Specialty pouches designed to your specifications. Choose the style, size, and features. Available with custom graphics and made from FDA-compliant materials. 
Application: Anything! We can customize your pouch to work with all types of cannabis products. Bonus: We also provide a rollstock option. 

Solution: Security Bags
Details: Permanent closure bags that provide visual or void entrance evidence of tampering to secure valuables.
Application: Valuables such as cash, checks and tender that need protection and tamper evidence features. Bonus: Available in clear or opaque.  

Solution: Smellproof/Mylar Pouches
Details: Pouches designed with an odor barrier film that locks in scent, available in white, black, clear, and custom prints.
Application: Traps scents from flowers and buds, edibles, topicals/liquids and concentrates and available in a wide variety of sizes. Bonus: Available in single-use or recloseable styles. 

Solution: Cold Chain Packaging
Details: Thermal protection that keeps products safe from spoilage in transit. 
Application: Ideal for all cannabis products that benefit from consistent temperatures to keep them safe from spoilage or ideally fresh. Bonus: This solution is perfect for cannabis infused meal shipments.  

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to a Budpack specialist or learn more online at We are here to help you make the right choice for each of your unique cannabis products.