Budpack provides solutions to your cannabis packaging problemsWe do this by offering both a strong inventory of in-stock products presented at wholesale pricing, as well as the option to utilize the full capabilities of our experienced design and manufacturing professionals to create custom packaging. Either way, your cannabis packaging will be a high-quality product 

One of the reasons we keep a strong instock inventory is because we understand that regulations are continuously changing in the cannabis world. New labeling laws, size restrictions, and child safety requirements are variable from state to state and can fluctuate with the political climate. This can leave cannabis companies scrambling for new sizes, features, and types of packaging. We are here to provide what is needed to keep products in compliance and keep your business moving.  

We also like to support cannabis companies with new product development and scale-up product launches quickly. Having the ability to test market products with smaller packaging quantities is a great way to branch out without as much risk. If the products are a hit, maybe it is time to look at a full run of custom branded packaging! 

When a cannabis company comes to Budpack looking for in-stock supplies we offer: 

  • A choice from 7 popular sizes of in-stock products 
  • Child-resistant closures that meet federal requirements for poison safety 
  • Eco-friendly options like recyclable and compostable pouches 
  • ScentLock technology to trap aroma for discreet transport 
  • Easy labeling programs to brand your products and attach regulatory labels 

When a cannabis company is looking for something more customized, we offer: 

  • Nitrogen-flush packaging to protect fragile products 
  • Cold chain packaging for edibles and other perishables 
  • Fully customizable pouches with color graphics  
  • In-house design services to support your brand 
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and materials that achieve your unique goals  

Budpack is manufactured and stocked near you throughout North America, where our standards for quality are top-notch. Not only do we outpace overseas suppliers with quality and turnaround times, but we also offer a wide variety of unique features and customizable labels. Learn more at https://www.budpack.com/