Cannabis product sales are flying across the country and experts don’t see that changing anytime soon. With so many cannabis products becoming availableit can be tricky for cannabis companies to find ideal packaging solutions to set them apart from their competitionThe most functional and portable means of packaging cannabis products are in a pouch. Pouches are not only durable and attractive, but they are also are extremely easy to customize. Finding a pouch to fit your product and brand is so simple because there are many ways they can be customized. Here are five ways that pouch packaging can be customized to fit your cannabis product packaging needs.  

  1. Custom sizes: Whether it is buds, pre-rolls, or edibles, it’s important to right-size the packaging. Custom sized pouches allow cannabis companies to put thought into how their package appeals to consumers, how consumers experience their product, how retailers can display the product, and how packagers can efficiently fill the package.  
  2. Custom graphics: A vibrant package is the silent salesman that makes a product pop when consumers browse their favorite app or store.  Good branding can increase customer loyalty and set brands apart from the competition. Pouches can be bright, creative, or classy to appeal to a specific audience, and designed to stand upright on a shelf, turning a product into a billboard for the brand. 
  3. Custom films: Pouches are not all made alike. They can be constructed of various types of film to achieve desirable attributes and reduce your carbon footprintFor example, certain films can retain an aroma, and block the transfer of moisture, light, and oxygen via the package, while also reducing reliance on non-renewable resources
  4. Custom closures: Tamper evident closures provide visual or void evidence of tampering. Child-resistant closures comply with poison prevention regulations. Resealable child-resistant zippers make it easier for customers to dose and store product safelyWhen the package makes it easy to use the product, and provide peace of mind, it‘s another differentiating reason a consumer chooses your brand. 
  5. Custom thermal protection: Cold chain packaging can protect temperature-sensitive product from heat or cold intrusion and help it arrive at its destination safely. From simple insulated envelope mailers for gummies to a thermal box liner or pallet cover for flower transport, the level of temperature control can be customized to meet each product’s needs.  

As the cannabis market continues to evolve, packaging will become more important to consumers and will play a bigger role in brand differentiation. Budpack pouches offer cannabis-specific features that help cannabis companies customize their packaging and stand out in a quickly crowding marketplace. Learn more at