Just a handful of years ago cannabis was a bourgeoning industry. Companies were paving the path as they tread upon it, borrowing their bud packaging from other industries or sourcing it from overseas suppliers with long lead times. Experts estimate that cannabis sales in America reached a record $17.9 billion in 2020, an increase of more than 65 percent year over yearThere is no doubt that America is getting serious about cannabis, and that means it is time for cannabis companies to get serious about finding the right packaging to stay competitive and compliant. Here are three things competitive cannabis companies consider before purchasing packaging: 

  1. Quality of child-resistant closure systemOne of the most common legal requirements for cannabis packaging is child resistance. There are different ways to achieve a child-resistant closure, but some are more operator friendly and compliant. Child-resistant packages should be recloseable, tamper-evident, and opaque, making them ideal for longer-term safe storage of cannabis. It is also essential that child-resistant packaging be third-party tested for compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission protocol for Poison Prevention Packaging. This is a top priority for cannabis companies who understand that their reputation, and license, hinge on complying with safety laws. Just because a manufacturer says something in child-resistant does not mean it was tested to this protocol.
  2. Cannabis-specific features. To stand out in the exploding cannabis market, competitive companies need high-quality packaging with unique features that cater to cannabis. Instead of traditional or borrowed packaging, seek out packaging that was created with cannabis in mind. Cannabis packaging should be designed to keep cannabis safe from spoilage, reduce damage, and contain the aromas insidePouches made of custom laminated films with the option for bubble padding or nitrogen flush protection achieve all these things. Pouches are also easy to print with custom graphics or labels that make brands pop on the shelves
  3. Dependable manufacturing. Finally, it is important for U.S. companies to consider where cannabis packaging is manufactured. Overseas suppliers can be subject to delays for several reasons and can be less transparent about their use of materials and compliance in child-resistant closures. Often, overseas suppliers require high minimums and long lead times. When your reputation hinges on delivering quality products in quality packaging, there are big benefits to working with a U.S-based company that can reliably accommodate short runs and faster turnaround times.  

As the cannabis industry grows, successful companies will continue to seek out cannabis-specific packaging solutions that keep their brands compliant with regulations and attractive to consumersPartner with an expert U.S.-based supplier that will keep your products competitive and your reputation strong with fast shipping to any state: www.budpack.com