In a world turned upside down by a pandemic, in a country with ever-changing regulations, it is safe to say that the future is still a big question mark for cannabis companies in the U.S. Perhaps more than any other industry, cannabis is continuously subject to the whims of voters and opinions of elected officials, which can include everyone from a small-town mayor to the federal government. From a packaging standpoint, Budpack seeks to create solutions that help cannabis companies prepare for future business growth in an ever-changing industry. We are focused on providing cannabis packaging that is:    

  1. Flexible and stands out from the competition. Budpack is made from clear, opaque, metalized films in a range of thicknesses and substrates to accommodate a wide variety of cannabis products. It is odor-proof and can be custom branded with your colors and logo. Budpack provides your customers with a premium cannabis experience across many product lines
  2. Equipped with advanced safety features. Budpack offers a proprietary double-squeeze slider lock that is ideal for recloseable child resistance. This closure is designed to meet ASTM standards D3475 and is lab certified using the CPSC standards to meet criteria defined in 16 AFR 1700 Poison Prevention Packaging. Safe cannabis products mean less harm to the public and less scrutiny from anti-legalization groups. 
  3. Environmentally sustainable. Not only are traditional Budpack pouches less impactful on the environment than jars and boxes, but Budpack also comes in recyclable and compostable versions for discerning customers and brands who want to lower their carbon footprints.  
  4. Available in low order minimums. To help our customers navigate the constantly changing cannabis landscape, we offer low order minimums and fast shipping, so there is no need to overstock packaging and face the potential of having outdated materials if packaging requirements change. 
  5. Accessible domestic supply. Budpack is manufactured in North America and therefore is not impacted by overseas trade delays. This is very important given current political and health climatesBudpack can quickly deliver what you need from our warehouses across the U.S and Mexico.  

We understand the changing political and legislative landscape makes expanding a cannabis company a challenging proposition. Our goal is to make the packaging part of cannabis distribution easy and streamlined, so you can focus on bigger business goals. Learn more at