With COVID-19 disrupting shipping around the world, it is more important than ever to pay close attention to where your cannabis packaging products are manufactured and shipped from. Many overseas packaging suppliers target the U.S. cannabis industry with promises of rock-bottom prices and high-quality products. But can they deliver? And for how long? While there may be cost benefits to sourcing cannabis packaging overseas, it can come with its share of risks. Cannabis companies should consider these important benefits of using an American cannabis packaging supplier:  

1. Lead times: supplier that manufactures products within North America is more likely to be able to deliver packaging products on-time, so you can enjoy continuity in distribution. Today’s global economy is tumultuous. Trade wars and pandemic restrictions will affect the supply chain coming from overseas companies more heavily than from American suppliers.

2. Quality control: When it comes to features like childproofing and proper labeling, accuracy, and quality control are extremely important in the cannabis industry. Improperly labeled or non-compliant packaging can cost a cannabis company its license. Sourcing packaging from a reputable, domestic supplier that employs stringent quality control and product testing practices will prevent faulty packaging from affecting your business.

3. Evolving regulations: Cannabis packaging regulations are often in flux. As states navigate this new industry, laws evolve, and requirements can change quickly. Sourcing packaging from a domestic company with manufacturing plants in North America can help your company adjust quickly if things change. You’ll be able to order smaller quantities of product and have them in your hands faster, meaning you won’t be left with excessive inventory of non-compliant packaging if regulations change.  

From proper branding to convenience and safety features, North American packaging suppliers are leading the way in cannabis packaging for the growing U.S. market. Budpack is a cost-competitive, American-manufactured, high-quality cannabis packaging product with a variety of features and benefits developed specifically for discerning cannabis suppliers. Learn more at www.budpack.com