As the worldwide supply chain reverberates with the effects of COVID-19, cannabis companies may find themselves struggling to find a reliable source for packaging. Much of the packaging sold to cannabis companies online comes from China, India, and other smaller Southeast Asian countries that moved out of China to avoid tariffs to the U.S. market. Cannabis companies who source packaging from overseas suppliers may find attractive prices, but cost savings quickly disappear when packaging does not arrive on-time 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, material coming from Chinese ports has been severely limited or delayed. Many products getting through can be held for weeks in quarantine or under strict screening regulations. The effects of these slowdowns on the global supply chain are significant. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that global unconstrained trade demand could drop by as much as 13 to 22 percent in the second and third quarters of 2020.  

What does this mean for cannabis companies? To continue selling cannabis products in the U.Sthey need to secure a North American supplier for cannabis packaging and labeling.  

Budpack pouches are manufactured in North America. All Budpack items are well stocked throughout the U.S. and quickly replenished because the product does not rely on overseas vendors. Budpack pouches are made in Mexico so there is no need to work through volatile import processes from China or encounter extensive lead times to put our products in your hands.  

Budpack offers a strong inventory of stock pouches, including our Award-Winning ScentLock™ technology and lab-certified resealable child-resistant closures. Budpack products also come in recyclable, compostable, and temperature-controlled packaging styles.   

When it comes to properly packaging your cannabis products for sale, you can’t leave your packaging materials supply chain up to chance. Partner with a trusted packaging supplier with access to the products you need, right here, right now. Partner with Budpack.