Using child-resistant packaging for cannabis products is not only ethical, in many states it is required by law. Choosing the right child-resistant packaging can help keep cannabis companies from encountering legal trouble and prevent additional scrutiny on the cannabis industry. Below are four things to consider when choosing a child-resistant cannabis packaging solution.                 

  1. Regulations can be vague or variable so err on the safe side. There is a lot of confusion regarding the definition of child-resistant packaging. What is written in state law today can leave plenty of gray areas that put cannabis companies at risk. It is up to the packaging provider to ensure proper testing and standards and it is up to the cannabis company to do their due diligence to confirm what they are purchasing. There are many packages available on the market today that are not truly child-resistant certified or have sought certification from unqualified labs. To be on the safe side, always purchase packaging that has been designed to meet the ASTM classification standard D3475 and lab-certified using CPSC standards to meet criteria defined in 16 CFR 1700 Poison Prevention Packaging
  2. Stock and inventory issues. Child-resistant cannabis packaging is in high demand. Be sure to speak with the packaging provider about their ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner. Ask for lead times that include artwork, production, and shipping, so you aren’t misinformed on the date you will have the packaging in hand.  
  3. Get a sample before you buy. Always ask for a sample of the product you will be purchasing so you can see feel and test the material and child-resistant closure system. Some closure systems are difficult for the elderly or people with disabilities, others don’t do enough to keep children safe. Also, check the quality of printing and graphics. Just because the blank package works doesn’t mean that the final product will suit your standards.  
  4. Consider sustainable options. Consumers are more motivated to buy products packaged with sustainable materials. Ask your packaging manufacturer if they offer sustainable packaging with child-resistant closures and find out what kind of end-of-life options are available for the package. It is also wise to investigate the sustainability commitment and practices of the company you are doing business with. Companies are often judged by who they work with.  

Budpack is unique in that we are both a manufacturer of the products we sell, and we hold stock inventory for the market. We are customer-focused, so each solution is developed in response to our clients’ needs. This helps us stay ahead of the curve with materials to be as environmentally responsible as we can be. We aim to keep lead times short for short runs, and costs low for the larger print runs. Budpack is a product developed in response to the needs of the cannabis industry. It features a child-resistant closure and comes in smell proof and sustainable options. Learn more about Budpack here