From the launch of cannabis cafes in Colorado to legalization in up to a dozen more US states and Mexico, 2020 is bringing a slew of changes to cannabis laws all over North AmericaAs governments establish and revise the rules for the sale of marijuana and CBD infused products, businesses struggle to find the right supplier for cannabis packaging solutions 

Partnering with a reliable packaging supplier that understands regulatory challenges and solutions will help keep your cannabis business moving forward, even as regulations changeHere are five things you should ask your packaging supplier before ordering cannabis packaging 


  1. What are your lead times on cannabis packaging orders?  
    If regulations change, your supplier should be able to have you up and running with new labels, custom graphics, and compliant features in a few days or weeks vs. several months. This can provide a significant advantage over your competition and keep your cash flow steady as you navigate a new regulatory environment or enter a new marketSuppliers that manufacture and store products in North America will be more likely to be able to fulfill this promise.
  2. What are the minimum orders?  
    Bulk discounts might sound nice, but a large stock of an inferior or non-compliant cannabis packaging could leave your company scrambling to go to market with less than impressive, or worse, illegal packaging. Not to mention you’ll need a large space to store all those supplies. Find a supplier that offers competitive pricing and reliable delivery of quality products at low order minimums and then order as needed
  3. What are your standards for child-resistant or tamper-evident packaging?  
    Protecting children from accidental cannabis ingestion also protects your business and the entire cannabis industry from scrutiny. Look for packaging that is not only advertised as child-resistant but is tested and verified by a U.S. certified lab.  Child-resistant packaging should be designed to meet ASTM classification standard D3475, lab certified using CPSC standards to meet criteria defined in 16 CFR 1700 Poison Prevention Packaging and available with tamper-evident features and in opaque materials to discourage curiosity.
  4. How easy is it to order variable sizes?  
    Whether it be a gram, an ounce, or something in-between, access to variably sized products allows for product line expansion and the variety needed to meet customer demand. It is also important to right-size your packaging for product protection and sustainability purposes. If your supplier can meet your packaging needs for various sizes and quantities, you won’t have to go looking for a new solution every time you launch a new cannabis product or size. 
  5. Can you provide high-quality custom printed graphics?  
    Whether it be regulatory labels or vibrant custom graphics on your packaging, the ability to custom print graphics on cannabis packaging is invaluable as a branding tool and a way to quickly shift gears to maintain compliance with new labeling laws. Custom printed graphics are a must for any cannabis brand looking to make an impression and stand out on the shelves 


Smart cannabis packaging choices save time, money, and keep your business compliant with anything the government regulators throw your waySuccess relies on your supplier being nimble enough to respond to packaging and labeling changes while still maintaining a professional and polished looking product. Partner with the right cannabis packaging supplier and enjoy the peace of mind that your product packaging is, and always will be, on point.