With the passing of the Hemp Farming Act, businesses can now legally ship hemp flower and CBD products derived from hemp around the United StatesOf course, there are many federal regulations related to shipping CBD products and how they are derived. But, aside from these regulations, there other important things that hemp companies should consider when shipping flower or infused products.  

One of the most concerning potential outcomes of shipping hemp is the risk of unintentional exposure. Whether the products are shipped through the postal service or by private carrier, the shipper can’t ensure an adult receives the package and all is received in good order.  That’s why responsible CBD retailers use cushioned mailers with scent blocking, tamper evidence, and child-deterrent closing system.  

The discreet cushioned package with security features gives parents and caregivers the peace of mind that their CBD products will not easily fall into the wrong handsImplementing such precautions lends credibility to a company’s commitment to act in the best interest of public health, which also reflects highly on the cannabis industry overall 

CBD and hemp consumers want privacy. Packaging that is made from high-quality opaque, smell-proof and water-proof material not only protects customer privacy, but also keeps the product safe from spoilage or water intrusion throughout transit. Discreet, protective mailers appeal to consumers and may make the difference between a customer choosing your brand or another.  

Finally, consider the type of packaging that is appropriate for your type of product. Using right-sized packaging with eco-friendly materials will make a strong first impression that illustrates your commitment to environmental responsibility. A customizable package with attractive graphics can enhance your brand story and reinforce customer loyalty.  

When shipping CBD and hemp products, all these factors act as a silent salesman, speaking to the customer about your level of commitment to quality, safety and a superior customer experience.