There is a reason that product packaging is often referred to as the “silent salesman”. Done well, packaging graphics is a primary way to build brand recognition and reach out to consumers right where they shop. Even online shoppers report that they would be more likely to repurchase a product with a premium package. What is considered a premium package? Anything that stands out among the rest. Below are three ways you can make your package pop and take advantage of that valuable advertising space. 


    1. Color: One of the most recognizable aspects of any package is color. When a customer can associate your brand with a color, they know what they are looking for on the shelf. Color can also evoke a feeling. Think about what you feel when you see a box in Tiffany Blue, a uniform in UPS Brown or tractor in John Deere Green, each of these brands have established themselves as household names using color. Consistent use of color in your packaging is one of the simplest ways to build your brand.
    2.  Graphics: Beyond the logo, images and graphic styles are the second most important artwork you will use in branding your package. A standard set of fonts and a consistent style of imagery will set your brand apart from the competition. Dial in your graphic style early and represent your brand in a consistent way throughout your packaging. You can use these styles to tie different products in your lineup to your brand. This comes in handy when launching new product lines because your existing customers will feel comfortable trying something new if it carries a familiar brand look and feel. 
    3. Functionality: The way a package functions can make or break your chance at getting a repeat customer. Thoughtfully crafted packaging considers how the consumer will use the product. Is it easy to use? Smell proof? Waterproof? Does it need to be child-resistant? Also think about how the package will be disposed and consider sustainable options and the complete lifecycle of the package.

national study found that 72% of consumers say packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. Think through you packaging decisions carefully, and use that valuable space thoughtfully so yousilent salesman can communicate to your customers directly from the shelf, screen or app.