Proper cannabis labeling and packaging is a crucial component to staying in compliance with state guidelines. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are in accordance with their local laws, including packaging materials and sizes, tamper evidence, child-resistant closures, and warning labels.

Over the past five years, laws regarding the use and sale of cannabis have rapidly changed over nearly half of the United States. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, producers, processors, and retailers are faced with the challenge of keeping up with continuously evolving packaging regulations. Packaging requirements are determined by each state and can vary from one state to the next, furthering the complexity of packaging options.

Child-resistant packaging is a quickly expanding regulation. In addition to child-resistance, some states require opaque containers, heat sealed edges, and even go so far as to specify the thickness and color of plastic required. Most states have specific labelling requirements that include warnings and information about cannabis use.

Packaging laws may also apply differently to different types of cannabis products. Edibles, for instance, have received the most scrutiny due to dosage mistakes and their attractiveness to children. Some states now require that edibles be packaged in single-serving containers and hidden from view with opaque packages.

If packaging fails to perform or comply with state laws, cannabis companies may face fines and/or revocation of their license to sell. The first step toward achieving packaging compliance is to fully understand the law. The best place to find the current state law is directly at the source. State websites should have the most up to date regulations for each type of cannabis product. Do not trust third-party blogs or websites to report regulations accurately.

Regulatory entities are keeping a keen eye on cannabis packaging and constantly updating requirements to ensure consumer safety. Cannabis companies should pay close attention to pending legislation and have a plan to react accordingly if new legislation is passed.

Working with a packaging company that has experience and a proven track record of satisfied clients is the best way to stay nimble and prepared to tackle complex packaging challenges for cannabis. At PAC, our packaging specialists can consult with you to help you choose the right package style, custom labeling, and branding image that you need for success in this complex industry.

Finally, it is important to understand that the responsibility to understand and comply with packaging requirements for cannabis rests on the cannabis company, not the packaging supplier. However, a trusted supplier will be able to ensure that the features you choose are produced with the utmost quality and care, ensuring your product will reach your customer properly.