The evolution of the cannabis consumer is changing rapidly, from cannabis infused breath mints that you keep in your purse, to oils and lotions, to high end cannabis infused meals, to medical cannabis pills that you swallow just as any type of pharmaceutical drug, packaging these products to keep one step ahead of the rest is imperative. 

As legal cannabis sales begin to roll out across the United States, growers, producers and resellers have begun to recognize the true breadth of the market and its varied customer base. From elderly grandparents to business people, stay at home moms and college students, cannabis use spans nearly every adult demographic in the country.  

Seeking to entice the masses and cater to the niches, cannabis companies have launched a wild variety of new products that include everything from cannabis infused breath mints to oils, lotions, high end infused meals and medical cannabis pills. The forms of cannabis products that have emerged are as variable as its consumers themselves, each with its own selling points, unique benefits and individual marketing needs.  

As the number of cannabis infused products on the market continues to grow, one of the biggest challenges producers will face is how to package them. In addition to keeping products safe and fresh, packaging must meet all State and local packaging requirements, which can vary between jurisdictions. Food items must be contained in FDA compliant packages, and they often have more stringent regulations for child protection. This makes finding a compliant, attractive and functional packaging solution all the more difficult for cannabis suppliers.  

Luckily, cannabis companies can now turn to trusted packaging manufacturers like PAC, who specialize in producing high-quality packaging for hundreds of products across the globe. At PAC, our innovative solutions cater specifically to the wide variety of cannabis products. These cannabis-specific packages can solve packaging problems for everything from liquids and flowers to edibles and pills. They incorporate child resistant and tamper evident features, and can be printed in vibrant colors to help customers identify their favorite brands.  

From self-sealing containers that prevent leakage of liquids to protective pouches for delicate flower buds and food items, an effective and eye-catching package can be just as important to the discerning customer as the quality of the product within it. Call PAC today to consult with a cannabis packaging specialist to learn more about our effective and innovative cannabis packaging solutions.