Flexible protective pouches for your cannabis packaging needs.

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Budpack packaging products, by the industry-leading manufacturer, PAC Worldwide, are a cutting-edge solution for your cannabis packaging needs. Budpack offers a full portfolio of custom-sized, shaped, branded & stock protective pouches to protect your cannabis product from contamination, damage, and extend shelf life. Budpack Child Resistant Pouches meeting local packaging compliance requirements, including CFR 1700. Our dedicated service team will work with you to elevate your brand & customer experience. From cannabis flowers, extracts, edibles and topicals, we’ve got you covered!

  • Film colors: Clear, Opaque, or Metalized (Mylar or Aluminum) films
  • Thickness range: 3 – 7 mils
  • Lamination layers: 1 – 5 substrates
  • Substrate options include: OPP (matte or glossy), PET, Metalized (Mylar or Aluminum), Nylon, Polyethylene (LLDPE, LDPE, PE, HDPE), and specialty films or coatings.

Want something more eco-friendly? Budpack pouches are already a green choice compared to jars or boxes. Ask our experts how to reduce your packaging landfill waste, or how to make your pouch recyclable or compostable today!

Although regulations vary by state, experts agree that the best practice for cannabis companies is to be proactive in child-proofing their products. Not only will it save children from undue harm, but it will help legitimize the safety of this controversial industry. Here are three child protection tactics that every cannabis company should consider.


Most states have laws regarding the labeling of products that contain THC. Keep up with labeling requirements and work with a packaging partner that can change your packaging quickly and cost-effectively if regulations change.


Cannabis companies that want to take a proactive approach to child protection can go the extra mile with consumer education campaigns and specialized labels to help prevent children from exposure to cannabis products. Opaque materials for edibles and extra labels reminding parents to secure their cannabis are helpful tools in enhancing cannabis safety.


Like any controlled substance, cannabis should be packaged in a way that deters child access. When children get a hold of cannabis due to poor packaging practices it will galvanize resistance against the entire cannabis industry. Make sure child proofing methods comply with federal standards for poison prevention.
Budpack offers custom printed or labeled cannabis pouches with a new proprietary double-squeeze slider lock that is the perfect solution for recloseable child-resistant cannabis packaging.

Designed to meet ASTM classification standard D3475

Available with tamper-evident features

Sold at low product minimums

Lab certified using CPSC standards to meet criteria defined in 16 CFR 1700 Poison Prevention Packaging


This pouch package protects contents from the elements in shipping & handling because it is cushioned, completely sealed, and blocks odor, light, and moisture. The package protects children and parents from unintended access with it’s child-deterrent design and reclosable zipper, yet discreet for couriers. It is ideal for high-value contents shipped in a mailer requiring that extra protection inside and outside.


Certified packaging produced and tested in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) protocol and standards for Poison Prevention Packaging as required by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700.20. Tamper-evident closure and opaque design provides peace of mind. Available in stock, custom printed or pre-labeled options. Child-Resistant pouches are ideal for Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Liquids, and Cannabis Concentrates.


Specialty pouches and rollstock deliver branding with eye catching graphics and optimal display features. Pouches are available in a variety of styles, custom sizes, and customized printed to meet your needs. We offer cost-effective low minimum orders on custom branded items. Made with FDA compliant materials, these pouches will provide protection and longer shelf-life for cannabis buds, cannabis edibles, cannabis liquids, and cannabis concentrates.


Provides visual or void evidence of tampering, child-resistant permanent closure, odor-blocking, clear or opaque film options, and other features to secure your high-value contents. Tamper-Evident Security Bags are ideal for Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Liquids, Cannabis Concentrates, and Cash Management.


Bags or pouches are made of custom laminated films with odor barrier to keep smell in. Clear, white, black, or metallic film options. Available in stock, custom printed or pre-labeled options, as well as single use or re-closeable styles. Sizes: Pre-rolls, 1g, 1/8 oz–1oz, 1/4 lb–1lb. Smell-Proof Pouches or Mylar Pouches are ideal for Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Liquids, and Cannabis Concentrates.


Introducing recycle ready pouches that can be returned for recycling! Most pouches made with multi-layer film structures that do not fit into existing PE film recycle streams. Flexible packaging in general, such as pouches, are not curbside friendly packages. Budpack’s recyclable pouches have been verified to be included in the How2Recycle program, where you can simply take your clean and dry pouches into participating retailers with Grocery Store Drop-Off programs. Custom Recyclable Pouches are great for Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Liquids and Cannabis Concentrates.